A new brand with a
60-year history

About us


Estiara is created by Sintetica srl, which operate in the plastic business since 1953.
To produce our eyewear, Sintetica has created a new polymer: Amanite®.


«ESTIARA is the daughter of a family-born idea, a project my father started some years ago that has remained unfinished until today. Thanks to the mastery and the experience of the people who have been working in the mother company for decades and thanks to the continuous technological development, combined with creativity and innovation, I’ve finally been able to complete my personal vision of this task.

Estiara Milano, a composite name that encompasses the most intimate concept of this project: Es is the acronym of the country where my family has its roots, Spain. Tiara, as synonym of crown, represents the crowning of a project started from afar. Milano is a homage to the city where I’ve grown up and where Estiara was born.»

Antonio Carlos Guitart Magnati
CEO at Estiara Milano