From a transparent liquid
to the finished eyewear


Our production begins with the production of the raw material and ends with the distribution of the final product.

Amanite® is the new thermoplastic polymer created in Sintetica workshops and exclusively used to produce our eyewear.

This new material is entirely handmade, and produced from a transparent liquid, its initial form.

Amanite® has different peculiar characteristics that help to make Estiara eyewear exclusive:

  1. Infinite chromatic possibilities: every single sheet, since it’s handmade, it’s unique and can be personalized.
  2. This new material is lighter from 15 to 20% than acetate, which is commonly used for this kind of production, that’s why our glasses are more comfortable to wear and they don’t leave marks when on.
  3. Amanite® is also more rigid than acetate, this allow us to produce the side arms without inserting any metal parts in them. However, this material should be heated up to modify its shape, and it should never be handled when cold.
  4. This polymer has a less shape memory alloy than acetate sheets thanks to a higher glass-transition temperature, that’s why it tends to less modify its structure when exposed to external stimuli, such as heat.