Woman's collection

The Estiara collection of women's sunglasses is produced, like the whole eyewear line, in Amanite®, the new polymer that makes our models up to 20% lighter than the classic sunglasses made with acetate.


Estiara sunglasses for women are highly recognizable and unique pieces, thanks to an exclusive stylistic approach that makes each model one-of-a-kind and never perfectly like the one that preceded it or to those that will be produced later. The range of shapes, colors, hues and shades we can offer is virtually endless, just as the personality of each of our customer is unique.


Estiara sunglasses for women are designed for a transversal target but with a common feature: that of wanting to distinguish themselves thanks to the quality of their accessories and their aesthetic and technological uniqueness. The infinite color possibilities and the absolute attention dedicated to our eyewear collections make Estiara woman sunglasses the best product currently available on the market.