Original and unrepeatable

The true exclusivity of Estiara was born within the company, where with great passion and over sixty years of experience we create the product starting from the raw material.

The most sought-after elements are mixed according to elaborate techniques, matching the appropriate colors to get the desired shades.

Finally, the task passes into the experienced hands of the eyewear craftsmen who, faithfully following the tradition and with skills proper to the sculptors, work the material making each individual pair of glasses an accessory of inimitable style.

Unlike the classic productive process carried out on lower thicknesses (usually 8 mm) the material in this case is worked in full, starting from a thickness of 13/15 mm and carved; this process allows the grain / design of the material to emerge in the various effects proposed for the collection, ensuring a unique aesthetic.

Sophisticated style

From Amanite® and from the most exclusive designs comes an eyewer that exerts charm and sophistication for the extraordinary ability to dictate style on all occasions.

The stylistic research work, which has always been one of the key points of our project, takes place in collaboration with the iconic London company WGSN that performs an accurate analysis of inspirational trends in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

The male and female models are distinguished not only for different shapes and colors, but also for the design of the stems: the male models present a stem with a more linear and geometric design, while, for the female ones, a more sinuous and soft shape has been studied.

Attention to detail

Estiara hinges have an anti-rocking patent to prevent the stem from rolling on the hinge thus giving greater stability to the glasses; they are also equipped with a flex movement and a rigid spring, to guarantee a more comfortable fit and facilitate their wearability.

The hinges are painted in gold and silver, combined according to the color of the glasses, and bear the S, symbol of the brand, lasered on the side. This testifies the dedication of our craftsmen in the attention to details and the tireless search for the best in every detail.

Strictly made in Italy, the hinge, exclusively created for Estiara, is the secret of a pair of glasses with a comfortable fit, a pleasure for the wearer.