Amanite ©

A totally innovative material exclusively used for the production of the Estiara collection

The raw material

Thanks to the careful combination of italian technology and craftsmanship, Sintetica Srl has developed and produced an innovative and new thermoplastic polymer, with a secret formulation, called Amanite®.

The raw material is a transparent liquid that, is colored, drawn and mixed, through consolidated craftsmanship techniques, to create everything that the imagination suggests.

100% recyclable

Eco-friendly, non-toxic and hypoallergenic, 100% recyclable. Processing waste can be recovered for re-use, through a process of thermal cracking, condensation and distillation.

The passion for craftmanship

The best and selected pigments, additives and essences come together to give shape to a collection of unique glasses, where the uniqueness of the material and the color are the true protagonists in an exclusive project born with the aim of creating a bold and refined product that enhances Made in Italy excellence.

An exclusive project

This new polymer weighs 20% less than acetate, this makes our glasses lighter and more comfortable to wear.

The material has excellent heat resistance, this feature makes it possible to produce the temple arms without including the metal core.


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