Estiara: creator of beauty and design.

In italia dal 1954, da semplice forma di artigianato a espressione d’arte.

Estiara began its history with Sinteticaa leading company in the production of acrylic sheets, in Milan in 1954 by Dr. Guitart Delisau, a Spanish chemist.

It is here that Antonio Carlos Guitart, current CEO of the company, sets himself the ambitious goal of creating an innovative material specifically developed for the eyewear sector. Thus, Amanite® was born.

From father to son

È agli inizi degli anni 50 che SinteticaEstiara’s parent company, began its history in Milan. Thanks to Dr. Guitart Delisau, a Spanish chemist, Sintetica became, in a few years, a leader in the production of acrylic material.

La qualità che sta alla base del processo produttivo si riafferma nella ricerca della migliore materia prima e nei processi di controllo della qualità che oggi porta avanti con passione il figlio Antonio Carlos Guitart.

L’attenzione e la ricerca della perfezione cui egli tende, si ritrova anche nei rapporti all’interno dell’azienda, siano essi collaboratori, clienti o fornitori.

An innovative material

Antonio Carlos Guitart took over the company in 1995 and embraced his father’s entire project from day one. Motivated by the passion for beauty, he resumed his father’s ambitious goal of creating an innovative material specifically developed for the eyewear sector.

This is how Amanite®, the new material specifically designed for the creation of Estiara Milano glasses, was born.

Estiara: equivalent of beauty

Estiara is a compound name. ES is the acronym of the country where the Guitart family has its roots, Spain. TIARA, the crown, wants to be a good omen representing the crowning of the project already idealized by Dr. Guitart in the 70s, but left unfinished.

Milan is a tribute to the city where Antonio Carlos Guitart grew up. It’s here, in this city full of tradition and passion for beautiful things, that the idea of frames that enhance and make tangible the personality of the wearer is born.

A unique and recognizable style that makes each pair of glasses the ideal completion of the personality and the expression of the fineness of wearer.

Craftsmanship and innovation

The sense of tradition, the creativity and the technical ability to produce glasses are the essence of the work of our artisans.

Our material is handmade at every stage, with the aim of shaping frames that are aesthetically impeccable and comfortable to wear.

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