Laponz 1


Forma concepita per combinare un design essenziale e pulito ad effetti dettati da un’attenta ricerca estetica.
Elements that make each model unique both for color and material sensation.


Stile classico e linee moderne disegnano un’immagine affascinante che permette di valorizzare un look del tutto personale e ricercato.

Il nuovo materiale creato nei nostri laboratori Sintetica S.r.l.
in esclusiva per la collezione Estiara Milano.





54 mm

17 mm

140 mm

Sun lenses

Estiara chooses Zeiss nylon lenses that offer 100% protection from UV rays.
The lenses are available in different color variations to make your glasses even more distinctive and captivating.

From the classic brown and grey, both in solid and shaded colours, to bolder colors such as yellow, light blue and pink.

A constant search for style to obtain an absolutely recognizable identity.

Each lens has an anti-reflective treatment.

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    Laponz 1



    Unique, like you.

    Each frame is a unique piece, and may differ from the others even within the same collection in terms of chromatic/aesthetic effect.

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